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Hyllus Partners brings expertise and capital to select opportunities.

Our team has a comprehensive combination of knowledge and experience to enhance selected opportunities. With years of experience, we go beyond numbers and charts to understand the value behind ever opprotunity.

Our team brings a comprehensive combination of knowledge and experience to each of the industries we specialize in.



At Hyllus Partners, our knowledge of the insurance industry stretches across the usual and into the more unique. While most firms can provide expertise in the standard day-to-day operations of traditional life and property & casualty products, Hyllus Partners can give their clients an unprecedented insight into a variety of niche products – many of which are not well known here in the U.S.

Hyllus Partners believes in taking the best of what's available – even if that "best" has not yet been brought to the U.S. market. We have learned from our European partners what works there and know how to adapt their models for success here at home. Hyllus Partners will bring to your business an extensive understanding of the insurance industry – both domestic and international – as well as a focused intensity to bring your business idea to life or raise it up to the next level.


Hyllus Partners is based on using technology benefit a business’s clients and help their client achieve their goals. Utilizing a Customer Discovery approach, Hyllus focuses the use of technology in productive ways.

The partners have significant exposure and experience with technology in many situations. So is represents many years of experience, not one year many time over.


Hyllus Partners loves the challenges that come with making a start-up company a success. The path a start-up must take can be lined with hurdles to be surmounted, and Hyllus Partners is here to help.

We know how to help you take your dream and make it a reality. Hyllus takes the time to get to know you and understand your goals and wishes related to your business idea. Then, with a finely tuned eye for detail, we help you troubleshoot weak spots and find the solutions that strengthen your business plan.

Once your business is off and running, we're still here to help. Whether that "next step" is expanding product or service lines or moving into a new market, we're here with the discipline and insight to help you succeed.



John Head founded Atlanta-based Hyllus Partners, LLC in 2010 and serves as its senior partner. In 2008, John began consulting with start-ups in both the United States and Europe on a freelance basis and he started Hyllus Partners to continue his success of providing business assistance to start-ups and small companies.

John also founded Blue Sky Reinsurance Advisory, LLC to provide the life insurance community within the United States with unique outlets for placement of non-traditional policies.

John was born and raised in New York City. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, initially focusing on Aerospace Engineering and Operations Research. In an attempt to broaden his horizons before graduating, John accepted an offer to work for a private-equity firm based in London. After 18 months and the better part of a million flight miles, he returned to Boston to complete his BS degree in Business specializing in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduation, he moved to California, where he began consulting for many of the start-up founders he had met during his time at MIT and reviewing pitch books in London.

Beyond his professional work, John does charity work with education institutions, including MIT and the Cape Eleuthera Island School.


Luther Griffith joined Hyllus in January 2013 to focus on insurance, technology, investing, and operational matters.

Luther Griffith is an accomplished executive with over 25 years in senior level operational management and finance roles. Luther has experience in large corporate environments in both the US and non-US (global risk management / technology services / insurance) and in US technology startups (hardware, software, and healthcare). He has significant experience as a board member of public and private companies, including chairing public audit committees as the designated audit committee financial executive.

He has over 10 years as an angel investor is a variety of startups, some as an active manager of the startups, and he currently serving as a Mentor for Georgia Tech’s ATDC program. Luther has served as a board member, board chairman and change agent for numerous non-profits for over 25 years.

Luther earned his Master in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance from Harvard Business School. He also earned a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison majoring in International Economics with a minor in Chemistry.

“The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.”
-- Ben Graham


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